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Travel Backgammon and Chess Board Set

Travel Backgammon and Chess Board Set

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Material of Backgammon : Special Solid Wood Coating

We have 7 different color Backgammon Set


Dimensions of Backgammon : 8.6" x 8.6" 0.8" Inches - 22 x 22 x 2.2 Cm ( When Backgammon is Open )

Backgammon Set Includes Backgammon Pieces and 2 pieces Backgammon dice.

✔ It is produced by special hand workmanship and should not be confused with mass productions.
✔ Backgammon set made of special material that you can use for many years.
✔It is completely handcrafted, it is a specially produced backgammon.
✔It was handcrafted by a special Turkish Backgammon master.
Why Choose This Backgammon Set?

+ It is completely handcrafted by a special backgammon master.
+ Its material is a special Solid Wood.
+ This Backgammon Set Backgammon where you ordered from Turkey is famous for the production and craftsmanship, you will feel better about yourself and your loved ones.
+ Wherever you are in the world, we will send Backgammon to your address by fast shipping within 1 week.

▪ FREE SHIPPING, definitely it is prepared to ship within 7 business days.
▪ They are not serial production products. 100% handmade.
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