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Premium Chess set with Metal Chess pieces

Premium Chess set with Metal Chess pieces

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Handmade Wooden Chess Set with Metal Chess Pieces

Material of Chess Board : Mother of pearl and Rose Wood.
Material of Chess Pieces : Metal 


Chess Board:

13.7" x 13.7 x 2.7 Inches - 35 x 35 x 7 Cm

Metal Pawns:
Greek mythology characters and horse PEGASUS
King height: 9 cm
Horse height: 7.5 cm
Pawn height: 6.5 cm.
Chess Pieces Weight Approximately 2,5 Kg.

✔Arena chessboard is produced entirely in Turkey with massive wood and craftsmanship.
✔The playground is made of rosewood and mother-of-pearl-looking polyester.
✔There are genuine mother-of-pearl ornaments on the side ornaments.
✔All patterns are created by combining handcrafted solid wood, mother-of-pearl and other materials made of different trees, using the wooden mosaic method.
✔The polish on it was completely handcrafted using cotton using old methods.

🎁 You can choose this chess set as a gift for your loved ones, choose it as home decor or choose it for
yourself. 🎁

✔ It is extremely easily portable and durable.

✔ Chess; High-Quality Elegant Chess Figures. They are manufactured with high quality and handmade workmanship and handmade with special coatings.

✔ Chess; Board is made up of wooden, it looks bright and figurines are made up of High-Quality Rose Wood.

Figures are manufactured by experienced masters.

▪ FREE SHIPPING, definitely it is prepared to ship within 3 business days.

▪ As all of these pieces are hand-made they are not identical!

▪ They are not serial production products. 100% handmade.

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