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Crusader VS Persian chess pieces

Crusader VS Persian chess pieces

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Hand Painted Historical Crusaders Chess Pieces

✔For Those Looking For an Elegant Chess Set

✔If you are looking for realistic and original chess pieces, you should definitely order them.

✔Chess Pieces are produced only in Istanbul.

♚ Crusader Vs Persian♚


Crusader Chess Pieces

King: 4.7" equal to 12 cm. ♔

♙ Pawns: 3.7" equal to 9.5 cm ♟

♖ Others: Changing between 3.7" and 4.7" equal to 9.5 cm and 12 cm. ♘♞

※ Base diameter ; It is 1.4" inches - 3.5 cm.

🎁 It is chosen as an excellent gift for anyone. Home Gifts 🎁

+++++ You can find here other Chess set with different box .

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