Exclusive luxury backgammon is the best gift for a successful person


When choosing an unusual gift for a wealthy, intellectually developed person, you should pay attention to elite backgammon. Such a present will allow not only to have fun, but also to test the mind for ingenuity and the ability to analyze the process. In the GGS store you will find unique handmade products that can pleasantly surprise and impress any person. We specialize in the sale of luxury handcrafted goods. You can order elite backgammon with beautiful packaging on the Internet on our website. We deliver your orders all over the world using express delivery.


Why give elite backgammon


Board games have always enjoyed particular popularity among residents of the Far East, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Russia. In ancient times, with the help of this simple game, royal secrets were inferred and amicable agreements were concluded. The game is popular all over the world today, and the presence of the board speaks of the analytical mind and the refined taste of the owner.


Backgammon, the most expensive, are popular gifts in elite circles. All elements, board, dice and chips are made by hand, with special painstaking and diligence of the master. Such a product will not only allow you to have a good time, but also perfectly fit into the interior, add extravagant notes to the design of the room.


Even if a person does not know how to play exclusive backgammon, he will be delighted with such a souvenir. An expensive present is a symbol of respect, and an opportunity to express your admiration for the insight and resourcefulness of the person for whom the surprise is intended.


History of origin


The board game began its history more than 5 thousand years ago in the developed eastern country of Persia. One of the ancient legends says that the rulers of that time were constantly competing among themselves in intelligence. So the Indian ruler sent a chessboard to the king of Persia and offered to play, but did not tell about the rules. The answer from the Persian king came very quickly. Not only did he figure out the secret of the game, he also sent a gift in the form of a set of backgammon. It took the ruler of India and his retinue 40 days to solve the secret (according to other sources, the term was 12 years), after which he gave up and went to visit a neighbor to personally find out the rules.


Whether this is true or just a beautiful story, no one knows for certain. And to buy exclusive backgammon and tell this story during the game will be a sign of good taste. Well-mannered, educated people will appreciate your awareness.


Rules of the game


The most common are long and short backgammon. By the way, the rules for them were officially approved only in the middle of the 18th century, and regardless of the type, they remain unchanged:


this is a game for two;

each player is presented with 15 chips;

moves are performed in turn;

movement is carried out in a circle;

for a move, you need to roll the dice (a pair of dice with numbers from 1 to 6), and make the move according to the dropped value;

bones that flew out of the board or that have fallen are not evenly thrown;

when the same numbers fall out, the number of player's moves is doubled;

to determine the sequence of the game, each player takes one dice and throws it onto the board (the first move is made by the one with the highest value);

after the chips hit the "house", the next move will allow them to be removed from the board;

the winner is the one who removes all of his chips from the board faster.

The game gained worldwide distribution during the crusades of Alexander the Great, but in Europe it was called "backgammon". Today there are many variations with different starting position of the chips and rules of moves ("Gilbar", "Jacket", "Serpent", "Keils", "Kubo", "Matado" and many others).


What skills does the game develop?


The philosophy of the game teaches to win and be defeated. The outcome is equally dependent on the player's luck and the ability to calculate the moves. Even an experienced player can be defeated by the will of fate, therefore wisdom and endurance are brought up by playing exclusive backgammon.


Daily games allow you to increase your logical thinking, ingenuity and intuition. A month of training will increase intelligence by 10%. Eastern sages often involved children in the game in order to develop skills and accelerate the psychological maturity of the individual.


Who can you give


You can present a handmade board to both a loved one and a little-known employee.

Handmade board will be approved by people:


prone to excitement;

with developed logical thinking;

with good wits;


The versatility allows you to buy exclusive backgammon even as a gift for a child over 6-7 years old to develop counting skills. Scientists have proven that playing backgammon, like chess, has a positive effect on the development of thinking and spiritual growth. It was not for nothing that in ancient Persia, with the help of this game, fortunes were predicted and predicted.


Where to buy exclusive backgammon


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